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Dongying Liren Precision Metal is a professional manufacturer of marine parts and hardware in stainless steel and carbon steel since year 2010. We have full experience in investment casting and lost-wax casting process to supply our clients with first-class quality products in reasonable price.

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2.Casting process. 3. Which products are suitable for precision casting ? a, the size of precision b, complex shape. c, high surface requirements d, processing difficulties e, the number of more. f, material: stainless steel , alloy steel , carbon steel, heat resistant steel , etc. 4.Why choose us? a, we can provide one-stop service , such as product design, mold making, precision casting

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Investment Castings,Precision Castings By Lost Wax Process in india By Precimetal for alloy steel, stainless steel & super alloys like hastalloy, stellite, & monel for dairy equipments, engineering, material handling equipments, textile machineries, machine tools, effluent treatment plant, valves, pumps, diesel engine, marine

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Benefits of Investment Casting: Precision investment castings create the finest surface finishes in ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Clean, intricate designs with tight tolerances speed manufacturing time without machining or sanding. Complex metal castings poured from more than 100 metals and alloys require no welding, assembling or finishing work. . Precision casting drives multiple parts to

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Zhonghao Precision Casting, has 5 casting molding engineers, 50 technicians and 70 employees. Casting various metal parts with advanced silica sol-water glass composite shell technology. Casting valves,pipes,water pumps, metal fittings, casting flanges, auto parts,Reduce casting costs and improve casting accuracy.

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The materials include carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. Lost wax castings only can be used to produce steel castings, but it can produce steel castings very well, including very good surface quality, very less surface defects, precision casting dimensions, could produce very small, complex and thin wall thickness castings.

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Aluminum Investment Casting Alloys & Stainless Steel Casting Alloys. Listed below are Wisconsin Precision's most commonly poured alloys. WPCC pours over 150 different alloys, one of the broadest alloy selections for investment castings in the industry.

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Investment casting uses a ceramic, plaster or a plastic shell that is conformed to a wax pattern, into which metal is eventually poured. Think of that plaster shell as clothing surrounding the wax form that is used in the casting process and the precision investment casting is done.

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Precision Sand or No Bake Sand is a fine grain sand combined with a two part urethane binder to make sand castings. Precision Sand Casting allows for larger castings with thicker walls and an approximately 200 micro inch surface finish.

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Steel products may be manufactured either by casting or forging steel. Steel casting is the process by which a metal is heated until it reaches a liquid state and then poured into a mold that shapes the desired product.

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This precision casting technique can achieve exceptional accuracy for products both small and large (up to 75 lbs.), in a range of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloys, cast iron, bronze alloys, magnesium alloys and tool steel.

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China Precision Casting supplier, Lost Wax Casting, Steel Casting Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Ningbo Zhongda Metal Casting Industry Co., Ltd.

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Unique China Precision Casting Foundry We are looking at the bigger picture that we aim to be the unique precision casting foundry in China. Casting is relatively traditional industry. However, OTTOMMO Casting always challenges our self and we keep looking for changes. Casting foundry in China always gives the impression of cheap castings.

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Precision Investment Castings: Investment Castings save money. Wisconsin Precision Casting customers regularly see a reduction from the high cost of machined parts, weldments, fabrications, forgings, other casting methods, and assembled mechanical components as much as 30% to 50%.

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Precise Castings Inc. - where investment casting is “precision casting”! From low alloy investment castings to stainless steel or nickel alloy investment castings, we keep you ahead of the competition. Our attention to detail using precision casting techniques produces the highest quality steel castings for various industries.

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Sunrise Foundry CO.,LTD is best Grey Cast Iron Casting, Ductile Cast Iron and Precision Investment Castings supplier, we has good quality products & service from China.

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With that in mind, one of our primary goals at Thompson Investment Casting is to produce the investment castings that you never have to second guess, stainless steel investment castings that make your life easier, and your products better. Stainless Steel Casting Sizes, Tolerances, and Capabilities. Tolerance and Surface Finish

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Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of high precision casting stainless steel parts. We can provide customized stainless steel investment casting parts consistently in tight tolerances and a wide range of sizes.Related products: Precision Casting (Copper Alloys), Precision Casting (Exotic Metals)

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We specialize in different casting techniques for steel casting: Lost wax casting, Lost foam casting, Vacuum Casting and Shell casting. We have two casting foundries in Anhui and Ningbo, and sales office in Shanghai. We are ISO 9001 certified.

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Dongying Vast precision casting Co., Ltd specialized in casting processing with various surface treatment. We produce architectural hardware, marine hardware, machined parts, mechanical products, pumps, valves, glass spigots and so on. Casting materials mainly include stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel.Just send us your CAD or 3D drawing to get the one-stop tailor made service.

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Intercast is your world-class solution for precision investment casting! With foundries in USA & Mexico, we offer affordable, reliable and durable casting molds for all projects. With over 60 y Foundry McAllen, Steel Fabricator McAllen

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